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Going Green in the HVAC

going green articleIf you have not yet decided on why to upgrade an old air conditioning system, costly repairs and efficiency is not your concern, maybe reading the following article may help you understand why Penguin Air recommends replacing an old air conditioning system that are leaking R22 refrigerant into the atmosphere, for a new efficient system that will not only save you money on utility bills as well as hold parts and labor warranty but also contribute to saving the global environment.

A study by the United States Department of Energy discovered that HVAC technology amounted to the conservation of one-third of the nation’s annual energy consumption is for heating and cooling systems. Taken from a bulletin posted by Mcquay air conditioning, along with space flight and computers, refrigeration made the “top ten” list of greatest inventions of the twentieth century. Without it, we would not have food preservation as we know it; nor would high-rise office buildings, modern health care facilities or schools be the comfortable places they are today.

Going Green take action for the future summary;
Note the age of your building’s air conditioning system, the cost to maintain it, warranties, and the cost to replace it are all factors to weigh as HCFC R22 refrigerants are phased out. Your best preparation for the future is to take an inventory of the types of refrigerants your HVAC Air conditioning central A/C systems use, determine which, if any, are being phased out, and recommend replacement alternatives.

Consider the proactive approach: require that new equipment use “green” refrigerants so the equipment you buy today can be supported for its useful life. Moreover, you will have taken a big step toward restoring the Earth’s ecology. But by the mid-1980s, the world recognized that common air conditioning refrigerants were severely damaging the Earth’s ecology. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is slowly doing away with air conditioners that spout hydrocarbons R-22 refrigerant, which deplete the ozone layer. The EPA agency has established as of 2010 banning manufacturers from making units with a refrigerant known as R-22, commonly used to cool residential and commercial spaces.

“Green” refrigerants are available today for both large and small systems.
Large cooling systems, including all positive pressure centrifugal and screw chillers, are now being designed for HFC-134a and HFC-407C. In small systems those
under 100 tons HFC-410A has become the main replacement for HCFC-22.

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