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HVAC Duct Cleaning

Penguin Air only buys gear From the Industry Leaders in the duct cleaning industry and technology available today! High-performance air duct cleaning equipment and specialty tools its what is necessary to perform the right job, without damaging existing duct work and keeping a good clean environment while performing duct cleaning in your establishment.

We consider our equipment and training to be top-notch in the industry, our duct cleaning can physically remove dirt, debris and other contaminants from commercial and residential ductwork systems. These exceptionally portable, HEPA-filtered air duct cleaning vacuums are designed to help duct clean professionally clean HVAC duct systems efficiently.

Before Hiring a duct cleaning Contractor

The following videos were taken at a customer’s commercial building, where the occupants were complaining of feeling sick. While performing this job we decided to take the following videos for our customers to be able to observe why Penguin Air decided to invest into this High-performance air duct cleaning equipment and specialty tools.

Carefully observe the following details:

Whipping Action: Observe how the cake-in dirt is being cleaned out effectively of the duct system with Compressed Air Blasted through Rods to Create a “Whipping” Action that is both safe preventing it from damaging the duct system and the environment.

Constant air pressure is key!: Most contractors fail to purchase this specialty compressor for both price and weight, it’s very heavy to mobilize, however this is key to performing the right cleaning! Other compressors not designed for this application will run out of air and start to give a very weak air flow therefore not doing anything at all. This heavy-duty Portable Air Compressor unit produces an outstanding airflow rate of 17.5 cfm at a rated pressure of 185 psi to maintain a constant pressure to remove debris from your duct system, commercial or residential application.

Observe the vacuuming: In the video you can carefully observe that the dust was being vacuumed away as the whipping rod was blasting compressed air in every direction, this is where we are most impressed as the blower Peaks at a vacuuming performance of 3,000 cfm it literally vacuums anything that is airborne.

Most important while performing a duct cleaning is that the system must have a Hepa Filter System.

Our equipment is rated for medical facilities so not only it has a Hepa Filter compartment but it also comes with a 3 stage filtration system to ensure that all the debris recovered by the vacuum is not disbursed back into the indoor air of your home or business.

Our system comes with a High-capacity, three-stage filtration system, MERV 11 pleated bag filter; and 99.97% efficient HEPA filter.

Duct Cleaning Demonstration

Post-Duct Cleaning Demonstration

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