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New System Installation – Free Air Conditioning Estimates – Penguin Air
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
239 461 9000 Mon - Fri 05:00 - 12:00 12155 Metro Pkwy Fort Myers, FL 33966
239 601 7477 Mon - Fri 05:00 - 12:00 5410 Immokalee Rd Naples, FL 34110
State Certified
1 Year Warranty
All Parts and Labor
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New System Installation

Estimates & Proposals

Penguin Air has a strict policy when it comes to your Estimate or Proposals for your new air conditioning system. We believe that buying a new system for your home is a big decision and investment that should provide energy efficiency and comfort for your family. The following are the few Major items of the Penguin Air guarantee!

Full Coverage Part and Labor Guarantee!

Unlike other guarantees from other companies, we offer a Full Coverage Guarantee! Penguin Air will service repair or replace part and labor of any part breakdown or failure pertaining to your new system installation for a minimum coverage of 1 year.*

No Funny Business Guarantee!

When a Penguin Air representative tells you that everything is included for the correct installation of your system, we mean it!, Our Proposals have a breakdown of parts listed that are included in addition to your new system installation, we replace all misc. parts that complement the system.*

* in exception to line-set and ductwork unless included to be replaced as the scope of work.

System Registration consider it done!

Penguin Air stuff will register the system for you so that you may benefit of the full Part warranty offered by the manufacturer of your choice.

FPL Rebates

This is one more reason why Penguin Air should be the Contractor of choice. Penguin air offers full instant rebate credited to all qualified FPL Customers at the time of purchase.


Penguin Air does not sub-contract installations! Our technicians are EPA certified and must attend continued education classes to be up to date on all new technology and installation requirements.


All work are to be permitted and installed to meet City, State and National code standards.


Penguin Air has multiple licenses to cover all requirements including and not limited to Certified State License and local Count and City license.

Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance

This is perhaps the up most important factor that most business and homeowners fail to request from their contractors. Accidents are unpredictable and hiring a contractor without it would be a nightmare!. Penguin Air has a $1,000,000 liability policy to protect your home from damages and all employees are covered with workers compensation Insurance.

No Nights or Weekend Charges

This is so important in the decision making of your new HVAC System as breakdowns are unpredictable, Penguin Air does not discriminate on customers that have a labor warranty, unlike other companies we will service you in the evening, weekend or any Holiday that we are open.


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